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Endless Truck


If you’re looking for the best 3D racing games for Android and iPhone on the market, this one might just be the title you have been waiting for all your life. The fantastic Endless Truck racing game is packed with tons of upgrades and hours of fun.

3D Racing Games in your Browser

There is a very particular type of motivation in these types of 3D racing games for iPhone and Android such as Endless Truck. In its core gameplay it is basically a classic endless runner. Well, with the exception that you’re driving and not running. But the gameplay mechanic does not differ much. You go as far as you can and when you crash or run out of fuel you go back to the start.

But of course it would be futile to try the same thing over and over again without the chance to acquire better gear. And in this case gear means tons of upgrades for your little 3D monster truck. Always remember that your morning commute traffic rules don’t apply in this game. You need to drive carefully, of course. But careful in this case means: jump as far as you can over obstacles, make sure you land on your wheels after flying 50 meters into the air doing several flips and always avoid the giant bombs planted in the middle of the track. Actually, nevermind. This DOES indeed sound like your regular morning commute.

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Upgrade Like There Is No Tomorrow!

While you drive, jump, flip and boost your way through the colorful world as far as you can you collect virtual money. This money will enable you to upgrade almost everything on your truck. New tires for better grip, a bigger fuel tank for a higher range, sturdier bumpers to crash through barriers more easily, a lighter bodywork for overall efficiency and of course a bigger engine for raw power! Each of these areas can be upgraded in four steps until you have created the ultimate Monster Truck. And all that in a visual quality you wouldn’t believe was possible in your mobile phone’s browser. 3D car racing games online in WebGL technology offer the same visual quality as Android or iPhone apps. The good thing is that you don’t need to download anything at all. For this iPhone race game you don't need to the App Store. And if you love Android racing games you can ignore Google Play and start playing right away. When others still wait for their game to download from the store, you are already in full race mode, jumping, flying and crashing through a 3D monster truck world.

Another visually impressive and incredibly fun WebGL racer is the wonderful Truck Trials.

No matter which game you decide to play, all of them are perfectly optimized to run on any current smartphone. Of course our beautiful 3D WebGL titles are the perfect games for Samsung Galaxy S8 or iPhone 7 Plus, since they will look even more gorgeous on a big high resolution screen. But they are just as nicely playable on older phones such as an iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S4. This applies to all sorts of tablets as well, of course.

If you feel like playing on your desktop PC or laptop, just go ahead. WebGL technology enables us to bring you games on all devices. Play where you want, whenever you want!


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