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Truck Trials


Android and iPhone racing games are one of the most played genres on smartphones. And this beautiful heavy metal WebGL mobile racing game is one the best in its category. Accelerate, jump and destroy!

Crush. Destroy. Don't explode!

While it is fun to drive around circuits with shiny racing cars trying to beat the fastest lap time, sticking to the rules of circuit racing, there is no denial that it is even more fun to completely ignore all that. Welcome to the crushing, ear deafening, laws-of-physics-bending, heavy metal based world of Truck Trials! This is probably the manliest kind of fun you can have playing a mobile racing game on Android or iPhone.

Basically everything can be scrunched, steamrolled or simply ran over. The only thing you should try not to destroy is yourself. Truck Trials basically has three simple rules:

  1. Reach the finish line as fast as possible.
  2. Collect as many bonus bags as you can on the way.
  3. Don't explode!

And of course - we can't stress that enough - crunch a few cars here and there and blow up highly unstable explosive barrels. It's not fun if it's not loud.

Mobile Racing Screenshot Mobile Racing Screenshot

Learn the Tracks and be quick

Exploding stuff is a lot of fun and part of the gameplay. However the main goal is to reach the finish line in the shortest amount of time possible. There is a number counting down in the lower left corner of the screen. This number will be added to your points after the level. Which means, the quicker you are the higher the number will remain. Additionally there are bonus bags scattered around each level. Collect all of them and receive the maximum amount of bonus points. Together this will enable you to crack the high score for each of the fantastic Monster Truck stunt tracks.

In regular intervals you will be rewarded with a new truck that is quicker and sturdier than the last. This means that once you have unlocked the final truck it may be a good idea to go back and start over from track one. With the latest Monster Truck you will be able to reach even higher scores.

Truck Trials is a mobile racing game that will entertain you for hours and will motivate you to finish every single track with the highest score possible. And the best thing is that no download is required. Unlike other iOS and Android racing games you can play instantly in your browser.

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