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SWOOOP is a WebGL game from the famous helicopter game category. Due to its very accessible nature and easy controls it is part of a genre that is called one button games. All you need to play is a functioning thumb.

If you have at least one finger you can play this game!

It really is as simple as that. Despite featuring a plane and not a helicopter, this incredibly looking piece of art belongs in a gaming category called Helicopter Games. Generally your only task is to keep your plane in the air by clicking or in case of a mobile device touching the screen with the right timing in order to avoid your vehicle from falling down like a rock. Hold down your finger on the screen and the plane will rise. But as soon as you let go, it will start descending quickly.

A collectathon like a piece of temporary art

The first thing that strikes when you play this one button game for the first time is its incredibly lovely art style. It all looks like it has been crafted from folded paper and card board. And although the gameplay is limited to a 2D movement (up and down), the world is created in stunning 3D and conveys a unique atmosphere.

Helicopter Games Screenshot Helicopter Games Screenshot

Of course this game is not only beautiful to look at. You have to collect tons of jewels and avoid hitting obstacles or simply crashing your plane. And you need to keep an eye on your fuel gauge. If you crash into one of the clouds or don't collect enough jewels your fuel tank will empty itself pretty quickly. And you all know what happens to a plane without fuel, right? It's not really a desirable situation to be in!

And let us give you one simple but effective hint: you can pull of loop-the-loops. Now those are an incredible stunt to perform in a plane in real life. In this game they look cool as well, but they are much more important than you might think. If you miss a jewel or one of these huge diamonds, you can use that technique to fly back a little and collect the stones you missed.

If flying is not really your thing and you are more of a 4-wheels-on-the-ground type of person, why don't you take a look at the stunning 3D racing game Endless Truck. Actually, this game is so fast and the tracks sprawling with ramps and jumps, that you will spend a considerable amount of time in the air as well. And you can pull off stunts mid-air even more spectacular than in SWOOOP. But be warned: compared to the serenity and peacefulness in SWOOOP Endless Truck is a literal roller coaster ride.


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